BigCommerce - connect to Source Medium (INACTIVE)

BigCommerce - connect to Source Medium (INACTIVE)

Follow this integration guide to connect your BigCommerce data to Source Medium.



  1. Generate BigCommerce API credentials
    1. Create an API account for the store
      1. Sign into your BigCommerce store as the store owner
      2. Click Advanced Settings > API Accounts to display the Store API Accounts page
      3. Click the Create API Account button
      4. image
      5. In the Name field, enter Source Medium
      6. In the OAuth Scopes section, set the permissions using the following fields for Source Medium 1. Customers - Set to Read-only 2. Marketing - Set to Read-only 3. Orders - Set to Read-only 4. Products - Set to Read-only
      7. image
      8. When finished, click the Save button and the API will be created
  2. Retrieve your API credentials
    1. image
    2. You will be prompted to download a .txt file containing the API credentials, download the file to your computer
    3. If you aren’t prompted to download the .txt file or you encounter other issues, contact BigCommerce support.

    4. Open the file and check that it look like this:
    5. image
  3. You’ll need the following credentials from this file:
    • Client ID
    • Access Token
    • API Path - contains your store hash. The value between stores/ and /v3/ in the API path is your store hash - this is highlighted in the image above.
    • For example: If the API path were, the store hash would be 123456

  4. Copy the API Token and email it to

If you have any questions or issues please reach out on your shared Slack channel, or at