LinkedIn Ads - Connect to Source Medium

LinkedIn Ads - Connect to Source Medium

Follow this integration guide to connect your LinkedIn Ads data to Source Medium.


  • Admin access for LinkedIn Ads to be able to share permissions to external accounts


  1. Note down your Account ID
  2. image
  3. Navigate to your account access screen
    1. Hover over your username in the LinkedIn Ads admin
    2. Click Manage Access
    3. image
  4. Grant Source Medium access
    1. Under User Permissions, click Edit, then Add user to account
    2. image
    3. Paste Source Medium Integration’s LinkedIn profile link to the search field
    4. image
    5. Ensure Source Medium has “Viewer” access
    6. image
  5. Share your Account ID with

If you have any questions or issues please reach out on your shared Slack channel, or at