Remove $0 Orders feature

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Source Medium’s Exclude $0 Orders feature removes any order with a Total Revenue of $0 — and associated order components such as shipping, tax, revenue, etc. — from reporting on your Executive Summary, YoY performance, and Retention / LTV modules. These orders are not removed from any of the deep dive pages (e.g. Orders Deep Dive, Customer & Product modules etc).

In our view, it’s usually a good idea to exclude these orders so metrics like AOV, Cost Per Order/Acquisition, ROAS etc. are more accurate. Since your marketing spend for the period wasn’t really effective in generating a successful order / revenue, our opinion is that marketing spend should only be measured against the effective/successful orders when looking at overall business health (Executive Summary) — e.g. ROAS should not use revenue from fully refunded orders, CPA should not reflect you paying money for a fully refunded order, that spend should be spread over the remaining successful orders. The Shopify sales report does not do this, which is why we focus on data cleaning and accuracy.

Ping our Slack Channel to work with a Customer Solutions Analyst to remove $0 orders!