How do I invite users/groups to your dashboard? What are Looker Studio permissions and why do they matter?

After you’ve provisioned a Looker Studio dashboard based on a Source Medium template and have created a Google Group to group dashboard users - it is important to understand the permissions for the dashboard and the implications therein.

How to add users or groups to a Looker Studio dashboard:

  1. Access the Share menu by clicking the button in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard.
  2. image
  3. Add the user or group email to the Email text box. (Note: Any number of emails can be added at once)
  4. image
  5. Once all emails have been added choose the level of permission you wish this group of emails to have. (See Permissions section below for a discussion of permissions and related best practices)
  6. image
  7. Optionally emails can be notified when they’ve been added to the dashboard before pressing the Send button to finish adding dashboard users.

Dashboard Permissions

Looker Studio offers two straightforward permissions options:

  • Viewer:
    • Can view the report and interact with controls
    • Can view the data source schema
  • Editor
    • Can modify the report
    • Can share the report

We recommend providing all but the users that will maintain the dashboard with Viewer permissions. This is to prevent unintentional edits that could disrupt the use of a dashboard.

For a more detailed look at permissions, Google offers excellent documentation [HERE].