How to view percent of first time customers that order certain product, such as a sampler pack?

New Customer Analysis

The "New Customers Analysis" report is scored entirely to customer acquisition orders. And the "New Customers by Products" chart shows you the top 10 popular products your customers are buying on their very first order, in the period set by the date picker.


Product ordered by new customers

1. Set the Datefilter to the desired interval. 2. The "New Customers by Products" chart shows the top 10 products bought by your first time customers. 3. Alternatively, you can set the 1st Order Product filter to a specific product.This allows you to gain more insights on these new customers who bought a certain product. To name a few: 1. Is the product bought on a subscription or non-subscription order. See the "New Customer by Order Type" charts. 2. Through which channels did we acquire these new customers. See the "New Customer by Acquisition Channel" charts. 3. Of the specific product, which SKUs were they buying. See the "New Customers by SKUs" chart. 4. What discount code were they using to buy this product, if any. See the "New Customer by Discount Codes" table.