Level 3 Data Checklist

✅✅✅  Level 3 Data Checklist

Follow this Level 3 checklist with tips and tricks to improve your data setup and use of Source Medium.

One of the biggest times of year for our customers is BFCM. Here are some of the most common questions our customers ask during campaign sale periods like BFCM. Do you know the answers?

  1. Am I acquiring new customers profitably today? How does their profitability potential compare vs. non-sale periods?
  2. What were the top performing acquisition channels for new customers? For repeat customers (were they low cost-channels)?
  3. Did my marketing mix optimize my contribution margin potential (e.g. the gross profit on all orders - marketing costs)?
  4. Was I able to scale my spend (vs. baseline) profitably?
  5. Did I incentivize the right type of purchasers during the sale period? (e.g. first timers, subscribers, higher AOV)

Here are some additional helpful video tips as you prepare for important campaign sales like BFCM.

As always, if you have any questions about this checklist, please reach out to us via slack or email at help@sourcemedium.com and we’ll get back to you!