Product Update Events

Update NameDateDescriptionDelta (new vs old)CategoryImpacted PlatformsImpacted ModulesTags
Bug Fix: Subscription Only Retention & LTV, pre-paids and mixed orders falsely excluded
November 4, 2022
We are now including orders with order_type Prepaid and Subscription & One-time in our Subscription Only module for Retention & LTV.
Previously was incorrectly excluding orders with order_type = Prepaid & Subscription & One-timefrom Subscription Only Retention & LTV reporting. We are now including this performance.
Data Model - Bug Fix
All SubscriptionAll Sales
Retention & LTV - Subs Only
SubscriptionsPrepaid SubscriptionsBug Fix
New Help Box / Filter layout
November 1, 2022
Reformatted / updated help box documentation and filter layout across all dashboards. New Knowledge base and Support modules
UX improvement
Dashboard Update
Entire Dashboard
Dashboard Update