We noticed our conversion rate is going down. What metrics should we be looking at to find the reason why?

Conversion Rate (CVR)

Since CVR is calculated as orders/sessions, the two culprits here could be either orders (having less of them lately) or sessions (having a higher number of sessions lately) — or both. A higher number of sessions isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just means you’re getting more visibility (just need to work on successfully converting those potential customers).

To explore this in your dash, you can look at the orders and sessions counts on your "Executive Summary" to get an initial picture of which one is causing the dip.

  • If orders is lower than normal, you can look in the "Orders Deep Dive" and see if any acquisition channels have been underperforming lately.
  • Look in the "Marketing Performance" dashboard to see if there are any marketing platforms have been underperforming lately (these will be conversions reported by the platform, not actual orders from Shopify, but will still give you a picture of what’s happening).
  • If sessions is higher than normal, you can look in the "Traffic Deep Dive" report to learn more about these sessions. Another point to consider is if you’ve had any big promos/campaigns or word-of-mouth efforts that could’ve contributed to the increased in traffic.
  • Another good place to check for insights when looking into new marketing channel performance like this is the "New Customer Analysis" dashboard ("New Customers by Acquisition Channel" chart is great). If you have a new added channel, such as Taboola and it's not bringing in new customers, then it's going to bring CVR down.