Why are my revenue and orders numbers different between the Executive Summary and Orders Deep Dive?

The biggest reason you might see a difference between revenue and orders reporting in the Executive Summary and Orders Deep Dive is if you have our "exclude $0 orders" feature enabled.  This removes any $0 orders from the Executive Summary and Retention dashboards, but these orders will still be present in the Orders Deep Dive.

If you don't have the "exclude $0 orders" feature enabled, there are still some key differences between reporting on Executive Summary and Orders Deep Dive that could be causing the discrepancy (if you're unsure if your report is excluding $0 orders, reach out to @sourcemedium_customer_success on Slack).

Those differences are:

  • We don't include gift card revenue on the Executive Summary reporting, which we deem as "deferred" revenue, meaning we'll count it once that revenue has been redeemed.
  • On the Exec Summary, we're removing cancelled orders by default, and on the Orders DD we remove cancelled, refunded and voided orders by default (not removing refunded/voided on exec summ).
  • The executive summary also has some custom accounting logic that is meant to mirror the Shopify Sales report -- this logic isn't present on Orders Deep Dive.
  • Check that both report have the same channel selected.