Why Source Medium?


Do you have the right tools to build a data driven culture?

Source Medium allows you to easily analyze siloed data across eCommerce, retail, marketing, and operations platforms — all in one place.


We save time and resources spent inmanual spreadsheets and expensive, hard to manage internal data setups. Through a simple plug and play onboarding, we take care of all your data needs so that you’re left with a powerful analytics tool for more actionable insights.


Why Source Medium

✅ We’re obsessed with the quality of your data

Troublesome Google Analytics and UTM tracking? Are you properly segmenting your spend among sales channels and international markets? How about excluding $0 revenue orders like influencer samples?

We won’t rest until yournumbers and metrics are completely accurate and reliable.

✅ We automate your manual work

Spending countless hours with error-prone manual data pulls, pivot tables and visualizations? We’ve been there. Our customers save up to 20+ hours per week by replacing unreliable data management tools and processes.

✅ We have the #1 last click Source/Medium attribution coverage

Source Medium can attribute UTMs on up to 30% more orders than Google Analytics. We further enrich our attribution through touch points like post-purchase survey data.

✅ We’re built for omni-channel businesses

Our rapidly expanding list of integrations include curated eCommerce, marketing, and operations channels that are interconnected so you can leverage your data for more advanced, cross-channel insights.

**For our better-for-you CPG customers** will be soon launching retail coverage through our exclusive partnership with SPINS, the leader in wellness-retail POS data


Top omni-channel brands & partners trust us with their data & analytics


Do you prefer an all-you-can-eat buffet or a curated menu?

🧊 Will help uncover deep insights on your business

Our dashboards are flexible, and like an iceberg will uncover more of our deep data layer as new use cases emerge. We stitch together multiple data sources to analyze customers, orders, and products at a more granular level so you can run meaningful analysis vs. just high level reporting.

A source of truth across the organization - from customized CEO reports to Order Deep Dives
A source of truth across the organization - from customized CEO reports to Order Deep Dives

🧑‍🍳 We offer a Michelin star customer experience

We have shared slack channels with 90%+ of our customers for direct and fast communication. Our dedicated customer solutions analysts help to demystify complex data problems and to pull out deep analytical insights from our product.

We are a one-stop shop for data solutions

🔧 Customizable executive and cross-functional dashboards

🔧 Data analytics audits - avoid “garbage in, garbage out” data setups

🔧 Take action on your data with our best-in-class partner network

🔧 Email and daily slack reports

🔧 Constant product and customer innovation


🪄 Visit sourcemedium.com to sign up for a demo and to access our 7-day free trial