Are Refunds in Source Medium based on order date or refund date?

Transaction vs Order date based

The refunds data on the "Executive Summary" report should align with the Shopify sales report. Data in Shopify's Sales Report is calculated on a transaction basis, meaning modifications to an order (such as returns, appeasements etc.) are treated as separate events on the day the update happened. Whereas Source Medium uses orders-based reporting, meaning order updates are reflected on the day the original order was placed.

if you are seeing the refunds number not matching with the Shopify Sales report, be sure to double-check the channel that is selected. The Customer Success Analyst can also let you know if we have features like Exclude $0 Orders turned on, which could also influence the final refunds number.

We'll be publishing a new refund dashboard that will have quite robust data on both refund date and order date basis.

Reminder: if you have any comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to reach out on our Shared Slack, via Email, or by submitting a support ticket from the top right of your Source Medium dashboard.