Amazon Seller Central - Connect to Source Medium

Amazon Seller Central - Connect to Source Medium

Follow this integration guide to connect your Amazon Seller Central data to Source Medium.


  • Admin access to your Amazon Seller Central account
  • Be able to authorize Source Medium to make calls to Amazon Marketplace Web Service (”MWS”) API on the Amazon seller's behalf


  1. Create the Amazon MWS Auth Token
    1. Log in to your Seller Central account and navigate to Settings > User Permissions page > Manage your Apps section
    2. image
    3. Click Authorize new developer button at the top left and follow the authorization workflow to create a new MWS Auth Token
      1. image
      2. Source Medium’s developer ID for US, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada is 869559455030
      3. Source Medium’s developer ID for Spain, Germany, UK, France, India, Italy, Turkey, and UAE is 802534333646
  2. Email the generated MWS Auth Token and Seller ID credentials for Source Medium to

Special Note

  • Data Freshness: Due to Amazon’s recent API updates, data freshness is limited. A data ingestion delay longer than that of other data sources may occur due to these changes
  • Amazon MWS Auth Tokens expire after 1 year. When this happens we cannot collect data for you. Unfortunately, loss of access will lead to gaps in data that can not be backfilled
  • Amazon sends you a notification both via email and the Seller Central notification center one month before the token expires
  • To prevent the Token from expiring, click Renew next to our Token before it expires