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Dashboard Functionality 📈

‘Exclude $0 Orders’ feature, what’s it for?
How do I tag orders with post-purchase survey results from Fairing (Enquire)?
How do I surface Product Costs/COGS within my dashboard?
How can I filter out samples, returns, and exchanges?
How can I improve my last-click UTM attribution?
How do I setup Post-Purchase Survey order tagging for KnoCommerce?
Best practices in setting up a post-purchase HDYHAU survey
Amazon Sales Performance in Source Medium
Where can I find my Amazon marketing data?
Amazon - Omnichannel Overview
Where can I find my Amazon product performance?
Where can I find my Amazon LTV?

Configuration Sheet 📝

How do I include marketing spend through the cost tab of the configuration sheet?
Can I set targets in my dashboard?
How can I create order channels and sub-channels?
How can I track influencer spend and performance?
How do I enter non-integrated sales data (Sales tab)?

Subscription 💸

What are ‘subscription/recurring’ and ‘subscription/first_order’ source_mediums?
Why doesn’t ReCharge subscription data match Source Medium Reports?

Data Clarification 🤔

Why don’t the Executive Summary and Shopify's Sales Report match?
Why has my Amazon data stopped showing up in my dashboard?
What attribution windows does Source Medium report on for marketing platforms?
Why would external reports not match the Source Medium dashboard?
Why does my LTV look off in my multi-store report?
Why don’t New Customers + Repeat Customers = Customers?
Why isn't the Executive Summary report attributing my gift card revenue?
What is reported as a “conversion” within the Marketing Overview?
What are the implications of the new (BETA) Amazon SP-API integration?
How does editing an order after the order date affect reporting?
What is Last Click Attribution?
Do you have a proper Google Analytics setup?
Are you utilizing customer and order tagging for deeper enrichment of your data?
How does Stripe metadata work?

Account Management 📂

How do I move my Source Medium Slack report to another channel?
How do I give dashboard access to a teammate?
What is the process for requesting & scoping custom work?
What data security practices are in place at Source Medium?
What metrics can I include in my daily Slack Bot report?

Customer Enablement 🏋

BigQuery CSV Upload Guide
Questions? Reach out on Slack or support@sourcemedium.com