Why doesn’t ReCharge subscription data match Source Medium Reports?

How Are ReCharge Subscription Metrics Calculated in Source Medium Reports?

New Subscribers and Cancelled Subscribers are calculated based on subscription created at dates and cancelled at dates (from ReCharge) respectively. We consider a new subscriber someone who has no previous active subscriptions and now is subscribed, while a cancelled subscriber is anyone who was previously subscribed and now has a cancelled_at (date) value on their subscription (this value would be null if they were not cancelled).

Total Active SubscribersChurned Subscribers, and Active Subscriptions are snapshots taken of your ReCharge raw data that is collected each night around midnight. When this value is aggregated (weekly, monthly etc.) we show the median. There are also some nuances in reporting subscription metrics from ReCharge due to the fact that ReCharge reports exclusively in EST, so this can cause discrepancies for stores that are not EST-based.

Why won't Source Medium numbers match those of ReCharge

ReCharge does not share definitions for their dashboard’s metrics with Source Medium, thus creating a black box effect when dealing with ReCharge data. We calculate subscriber metrics in-house (aside from Subscribers Active, Subscribers Churned, and Subscriptions Active) based on the same exact ReCharge raw data used to power their built-in analytics, so we're confident in what we're reporting and its underlying logic, but there may be slight differences vs. ReCharge.