Can I set targets in my dashboard?

Set and display targets using your Source Medium configuration sheet.


All post-trial plans support target setting.


Please reach out to the Source Medium Customer Solutions Analyst team to enable target setting and update your Executive Summary with the correct widgets.


Target Setting is only available for the following metrics:

  • Net, Total and Gross revenue
  • Orders
  • Spend
  • AOV
  • CPA
  • CPO
  • CVR
  • Sessions
  • ROAS


  1. Open your Source Medium Configuration Sheet at the link pinned in your Source Medium shared slack Channel.
  2. image
  3. Open the Targets tab
  4. Select a channel. This will be the sales channel that you are looking to track metrics for, i.e. Online DTC (Online DTC is the only option available at the moment for Target Setting as the feature is further developed).
  5. Add a date_start in order to indicate when the goal is being tracked starts (We encourage MTD tracking).
  6. Add a date_end, this sets the period of time that you want the target amortized across. If left blank it will all be set for the date_start day. (i.e. You set $1m revenue for 11/1 but don't set the end date your target will be $1m for the single day, not spread across the month).
  7. Add target values to the metrics you'd like to track.
  8. image
  9. Reach out to the Source Medium team in your slack channel or at to get the target widgets added to your dashboard!