What is the process for requesting & scoping custom work?

This guide will review the steps and protocols involving customizations to your Source Medium Dashboard.


  • Customers must be on a non-trial/paid Pro or Enterprise plan


We support one round of customizations to your Executive Summary report during the onboarding period. During each annual term, we allocate a certain amount of Advanced Customization hours which are based on your current pricing tier. For Advanced Customizations exceeding the quarterly allowance, our analyst-on demand program can be utilized at a fixed hourly rate with project scoping and timing to be completed before any customization work commences. Incorporated Customizations are included as part of your regular subscription price.


  1. Reach out to the Source Medium team to request custom work
    1. Let us know what custom work you’d like, and provide the basic parameters around what you’d like to see
      1. Desired metrics & dimensions
      2. Location/placement of this data (e.g. inside the Orders Deep Dive module)
      3. Desired filters or breakdown dimensions
      4. Date/time aggregations
      5. Types of visualizations (charts, tables)
    2. Prototypes are always welcome!
  2. Scope your requirements with the Source Medium team
    1. We will review your requirements asynchronously, check on viability of the proposed updates, and reach back out with any questions or clarifications
      1. If there are any pieces that we cannot solution for you, we’ll do our best to generate alternatives on our end, or workarounds that can be implemented by the customer directly. If no solution can be found, will add the request to our roadmap.
  3. Finalize scoping before work commences
    1. Once Source Medium has had a chance to review your scope asynchronously, we’ll reach out to schedule a call or confirm through slack/email if requirements are clear
      1. Will provide an estimate on number of hours needed to complete the work, including estimated costs if above your allocated hours
  4. Review our shared working document for scope, communications, and progress
    1. After our call, a working document will be shared that outlines the scope of custom work, centralizes communications, and documents any progress, timelines, and questions raised related to the customization.
      1. We will use Notion to organize the requests (please let us know if you prefer Google Docs)
      2. Source Medium may post questions in this document (you should receive a notification) that are critical to the ongoing scoping and customization work
  5. Delivery and review
    1. After our group call and after the working document has been shared, the rest is up to SM!
      1. Our team has a bi-monthly product release cycle, and will provide updates on the expected timing of delivery and/or any roadblocks to completion
    2. Once delivered, the Source Medium team will be happy to set up a call to review the deliverable


  • Incorporated Customizations
    • Swap in/out metrics for any of the charts/pages
    • Changing defaults (date range, day/week/month aggregation, metrics visualized)
    • Exposing additional metrics/filters to existing designed visualizations and report pages that are not exposed by default, as long as these metrics or dimensions are included in the Source Medium data layer
    • Enabling deeper data layer functionalities like influencer tracking, target setting, scorecards, multi-store or multi-channel visualization modules, and other outputs found within our template gallery
    • Visualizations from our Template Gallery
  • Advanced Customizations
    • More customized visualizations outside of the template gallery or existing dashboards
    • Bring in external data from custom Google sheets into dashboard (if complex, bespoke)
    • Integrations not yet part of our out-of-the-box service offering
    • Custom logic that are specific to your business (not including the logic that is supported as part of the excel configuration file)

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