Where can I find samples of Source Medium Visualizations?

Source Medium offers a Template Gallery that can be implemented on your specific dashboard:

  • Example tables, visualizations, and styles for different ways to look at and analyze your data
  • Co-developed templates from across our customer base
  • Features that leverage our configuration layer such as target setting and wholesale channel tracking

How can you take advantage of this Template Gallery?

  • Identify the element(s) you'd like to add to your dashboard (e.g. <E1>)
  • Let the Source Medium team know:
    • Which metrics you want included (e.g. Total Revenue vs. Net Revenue)
    • Where in your dashboard you’d like to include the new elements (e.g. top of Executive Summary)
  • Use these charts & pre-built dashboards as is, or as templates for your team to fill in & modify to fit your unique use cases.

Please feel free to discuss any of these that you may want to see with a Customer Solutions Analyst.