How do I include marketing spend through the cost tab of the configuration sheet?

How do I include marketing spend through the cost tab of the configuration sheet?


  • Access to Configuration sheet to input custom marketing spend
  • If this is your first time using the Cost tab:
    • Once all steps have been completed, reach out to the Source Medium team in Slack (or via email) letting us know you'd like to enable the custom costs feature


You can use the cost tab in your configuration sheet to include any marketing spend that is outside of your integrated platforms. Any spend that is added to the configuration sheet will then be included in the Executive-level and the Marketing Overview modules.

Video Walkthrough


  1. Open your configuration sheet (find the link in pinned messages in your Slack channel)
    1. If not in Slack, email our team for access to your configuration sheet
    2. image
    3. In the Cost tab, select the appropriate values for each column
      1. category - select ‘Marketing’
      2. channel - select the channel where you’re expecting to see returns on this spend (Online DTC, Wholesale, etc.)
      3. sub-channel - select the sub-channel that the spend is associated with (new sub-channels can also be added within the Configuration tab)
        1. Any sub_channelcontaining the following terms (not case sensitive) will be pulled into the Sponsorships & Influencers module:
          • influencer
          • podcast
          • newsletter
          • affiliate
          • sponsorship
      4. vendor - select the specific platform related to the spend (can add additional values in Configuration tab)
  2. Enter your marketing spend in the cost column and applicable dates
    • date_start and date_end will amortize the cost for that spend across the range of date_start to date_end
    • e.g. $1,000 spend from 10/1/2021 to 10/10/2021 would tack on $100 spend for each day. If no date_end is provided, all cost is attributed to date_start

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