How can I create order channels and sub-channels?

Creating channels and sub-channels of orders by channel mapping in the configuration sheet.


All plans (including trial) support channel mapping.


Source Medium has a unique feature called channel mapping which uses your Source Medium configuration sheet. This feature essentially allows you to arbitrarily group orders. We can then use these arbitrary groupings (called sub-channels) to look at and gain insights into the performance of these specific subsets of orders.


  1. Set Attribute. This is the main source of attribution that you would like to track such as Source/ Medium (Google/CPC) or a marketing campaign through discount codes.
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  3. Set Operator. This is the matching mechanism that determines how your Value will be picked up within your selected Attribute.
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    2. Equals is a 1-to-1 match of the Value, meaning Source Medium will only search for what specifically is inserted in the Value column.
    3. Contains is a partial match, i.e. you have a set of discount codes that all have influencer in them but can be influencer50, influencer100, etc. This will match all that contain influencer.
    4. In allows you to match against a comma-separated list of values, i.e. there are 10 different podcasts that you would like to track under 1 podcast grouping
  4. Set Value. This selects the value within the Attribute.
    • What type of order are you looking to group?
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  5. Set Channel. This is where you can add a sales channel that you want specific orders (influenced by Attribute and Value) attributed to, such as wholesale, retail, Amazon or, in most cases, Online DTC.
  6. [Optional] Set Sub-Channel and Vendor
    • Sub-channel is a value that you will see surfaced in your dashboard. It can be set using the Configuration tab and then selected from the dropdown box. When a Sub-channel is added in the Configurations tab, you will automatically see an option to use this naming as another way to segregate where orders will be attributed to.
      • This dimension is available for use on the Retention & LTV modules, Orders Deep Dive, both Customer modules, and the Product Performance module.
    • Vendor is another way to further segment your orders. We do not surface this filter by default as we've found most of the time sub-channels are more than enough although. This grouping can also be created in the Configuration tab. (Please reach out to customer support by email or slack to enable.)
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    • After the configuration sheet is integrated into your dashboard (happens hourly), your sub-channels will available for filtering in your dashboard.
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