Why don’t the Executive Summary and Shopify's Sales Report match?

Why isn't my revenue in the Executive Summary matching with Shopify's Sales Report?

The Executive Summary is designed to mirror the accounting rules present in the Shopify Sales Report, and will almost always match 1:1. However, there are some instances where you won't see a 1:1 match:

1. If your brand has our ‘Exclude $0 Orders’ feature enabled, you will see a revenue and orders mismatch. This feature excludes orders with a total revenue of $0 from all Executive Summary and Retention dashboard data. If you're unsure if you have this feature enabled, reach out to @sourcemedium_customer_success in Slack.

2. If your brand has any data cleaning rules in the Channel Mapping tab your CSD -- e.g. any rules routing orders to a channel other than Online DTC -- you will see a mismatch if only Online DTC is selected in the channel dropdown (located at the top right-hand corner of your report, under the date range filter).

  • If you are running sales through Amazon, be sure to deselect "Amazon" in the channel dropdown when comparing sales data between the Executive Summary and Shopify Sales report

If you have no data cleaning rules in your CSD, and our Exclude $0 Orders feature is not enabled, and you're still seeing a mismatch between our numbers vs. Shopify, then you've run into the rare issue of transaction-based vs. orders-based reporting. Data in Shopify's Sales Report is calculated on a transaction-basis -- meaning modifications to an order (such as returns, appeasements etc.) are treated as separate events on whatever day the update happened -- whereas Source Medium uses orders-based reporting -- meaning order updates are reflected on the day the original order was placed.

Questions? Reach out on Slack or support@sourcemedium.com