BigQuery CSV Upload Guide


  1. From the BigQuery SQL Workspace, find and click the blue “+ ADD” button above your data explorer
  2. image
  3. In the pane that opens select the location of the file you wish to upload. For a CSV file from your local machine, select “Local file”
  4. image
  5. In the upload form, select the file you wish to upload
  6. image
  7. Select “CSV” as the File format
  8. Specify the project, dataset, and table names where would like it to appear in your BQ instance
  9. You can manually specify the schema or select “Auto detect” to allow BigQuery to use the column names as they appear in the CSV
  10. Once you’ve done the above, click the “CREATE TABLE” button
  11. You can now search for your table and query it’s contents from your data explorer
  12. image