Where can I find my Amazon product performance?

Where can I find my Amazon Product Performance?

This article is designed to provide high-level instruction on evaluating your individual product performance from Amazon within Source Medium. Let's dive in and unlock the potential of your products on Amazon!

To get to the module, on the sidebar of the report, there will be a PRODUCT PERFORMANCE section that can be clicked on. After clicking on that section, it will populate these options:
  • Orders Deep Dive
  • Product Performance
  • Product Affinity
  • Fulfillment

Click on Product Performance.

In the section of the Dashboard where the filters are located, there is a Channel filter where there is an option to change to either the Online DTC (Shopify) or Amazon Channel. Click on the filter and select only Amazon to get to the Amazon product performance information.
Note: Only one of the options should be chosen at a time.

Under the Filters for Amazon, there are options to see the Product Performance based on these filters:
  • line_item_type - A breakdown by either one time orders or subscription orders.
  • SKU - A breakdown by specific SKUs
  • Product title - A breakdown by individual products
  • Financial Status - A breakdown by whether an order is:
    • voided - an item was cancelled
    • refunded - an item was returned
    • pending - an item hasn’t shipped yet
    • paid - an item was paid for and shipped
  • Sub-channel - A breakdown of Product Performance by either FBA or FBM
  • Net Quantity - A breakdown showing products that match the net quantity given
  • Order Index - A breakdown by what order number the customer is on
    • Example: Order Index = 1 is a customer’s first order



ASIN and SKU are two different identifiers used on the Amazon platform to uniquely identify products, but they serve different purposes.

  • ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is a unique identifier assigned by Amazon to each product listed on their platform. ASINs are used to identify and differentiate individual product variations, such as color, size, and edition, within a product listing. ASINs are permanent and do not change, even if the product is sold by multiple sellers.
  • On the other hand, SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It is a unique identifier assigned by sellers to track and manage their inventory. SKUs are internal codes that sellers use to manage their inventory, fulfill orders, and track sales and profitability. Unlike ASINs, SKUs are specific to individual sellers and can differ across different sellers who are selling the same product on Amazon. Sellers can assign their own SKU codes based on their internal inventory management system or business processes.
  • We do have SKU information but we do not have ASIN data at this time.


Refunds could be lagged by at least one week due to the factors of variables such as shipping times, customer-reported refund times and amazon reporting times.