What impact does Global-E have in Source Medium?

What impact does Global-E have in Source Medium?

Here is important information regarding how some metrics are calculated if you use Global-E within your Shopify.

Gross Revenue:

  • Deducts duties

Total Taxes:

  • Adds duties

Subtotal Tax:

  • Adds duties


Without Source Medium (Shopify Sales Report)
With Source Medium
Gross Revenue
$12 ($10 gross sales + $2 duties)
$10 (-$2 duties)
Total Taxes
$3.50 ($3 tax + $.50 refund taxes)
$5.5 ($3 tax + $.50 refund taxes + $2 duties)
Subtotal Tax
$5 ($3 tax + $2 duties)

Because of how these are calculated within gross revenue and total tax, it will also impact the net revenue, net revenue before refunds and total revenue of your Online DTC channel.

  • Net Revenue = Gross Revenue - Discounts - Refunds - Duties
  • Net Revenue Before Refunds = Gross Revenue - Discounts - Duties
  • Total Revenue = Net Revenue + Shipping + Taxes + Duties

All of these revenue figures, post duties being subtracted, are reflected within your Executive Summary and Orders level data (Orders Deep Dive).

These revenue figures will not be reflected on your Product Performance level data.

We hope this information clarifies how Global-E affects the calculation of various metrics and provides you with a better understanding of the impact it has within Source Medium.

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