What are the implications of the new (BETA) Amazon SP-API integration?

What are the implications of the new (BETA) Amazon SP-API integration?


Amazon deprecated their MWS reporting API and transitioned to SP (Selling Partner) APIs in July 2022. We are supporting a free BETA integration for this new connection with current Pro Plan customers, with plans to incorporate Amazon sales as part of the pricing model by the beginning of Q1 2023.

What is the benefit of integrating Amazon data into the dashboard?

  • Increase your omni-channel awareness by blending Amazon sales into your Executive Summary
  • Determine and compare Amazon acquisition performance (when Amazon Ads also integrated)

What Amazon data will surface in the dashboard?


  • Orders
  • Gross Revenue (called ‘Ordered Product Sales’ in Amazon Business Reports)
    • This feeds into Net Revenue and Total Revenue in the dashboard
  • Discounts
  • Refunds
  • Shipping
  • Gross Quantity
    • This feeds into Net Quantity and Cart Size


  • Date
  • Product Titles
  • SKUs

Where will this surface in the dashboard?

Make sure to select Amazon in the channel selector

  • Executive Summary
  • YoY Performance
  • Orders Deep Dive
  • Product Performance

What features are currently under development?

  • New / Repeat Customers
  • Order Sequence / Index
  • LTV/Retention (note, this will be limited to customers who purchase exclusively on Amazon)

Is customer-level data available?

  • Amazon does not provide any PII at the customer-level at the moment
  • Any charts using the following dimensions / metrics will not be compatible with Amazon data
    • CPA (however, if your Amazon Ads account is integrated in the dashboard then CPO will be available)
    • Acquisition Channels (including Source / Medium)
    • Discount Codes

Is subscription-level data available?

  • This is not available from Amazon via API at this time

How fresh is the data?

  • Amazon applies API rate limits, so data will generally be fresh up to the previous 48 hours

What historical data is available?

  • Data ingestion will go back to 1 year before the date that Source Medium received Seller Central permissions and the API connectors were created
    • This requires additional requests to the APIs, and due to rate limits, may take up to 14 days to complete
    • We are working on solution(s) to include historical data that goes further back than 1 year, although this data may be limited in some instances

Our team is committed to perfecting and improving this integration constantly, and we’ll push out updates to you as they happen.

If have any questions or feedback about this beta integration, let us know using this form.

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