Why has my Amazon data stopped showing up in my dashboard?

Amazon data abruptly stopping (with all other data still flowing)?$


This is only applicable if you already have an Amazon Seller Central integration with Source Medium


If all other data is still flowing in your dashboard, then this is most likely due to Source Medium’s MWS token expiring in your Amazon Seller Central account.

Note: If only the most recent day of data is missing, this is likely due to Amazon’s recent API changes which limit data freshness. Waiting a day for the data to ingest should resolve the issue. If it does not, then proceed with the steps below.


  1. Updating Seller Central
    1. In your Seller Central account, go to Settings > User Permissions page > Manage your Apps section. Find "Source Medium" and enable access, Amazon will create a new MWS Auth token.
    2. You will need to give us this new MWS Auth token before we can successfully reactivate data collection for your Seller account.
      1. Share the new token with us at integrations@sourcemedium.com
  2. Preventing Expirations
    1. When access is lost, we can not collect data for you. Unfortunately, loss of access will lead to gaps in data that can not be backfilled.
    2. There are two steps you can take to avoid expired authorization:
      1. First, take note of Amazon communications about access renewals. Amazon provides a "Developer Access Renewal" service that reminds you to review developers that have access to your seller account periodically. Check your emails and notifications from Amazon on a regular basis.
      2. Second, in your Seller Central account, under Settings > User Permissions page > Manage your Apps section, you will see a list of developers and apps listed. Click "renew" for "Source Medium" if Amazon says the access is expiring soon. 

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