What are ‘subscription/recurring’ and ‘subscription/first_order’ source_mediums?

What do ‘subscription/recurring’ and ‘subscription/first_order’ Source/Medium values mean?


Subscription business-model using ReCharge.


If your UTMs are not set-up correctly, then any subscription order going through ReCharge checkout will have a source_medium value of None / None(effectively erasing any last-click attribution).

Our product automatically changes these orders’ Source/Medium values from None / None to subscription/recurring or subscription/first_order to maintain visibility into this issue.


Your total Order count for subscription / first_order, subscription / recurring Source/Medium values are not necessarily representing the total number of first time and recurring subscription orders were placed. Remember, these values are only used when we do not see other Source/Medium values attached to the order.

To truly filter for all of your first time and recurring subscription orders, we recommend using the Subscription Order Sequence filter, which uses order-level metadata to deduce which orders are subscription, and of those, which orders were first-time vs. recurring.

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