Chargebee - Connect to Source Medium

Chargebee - Connect to Source Medium

Follow this integration guide to connect your Chargebee data to Source Medium.


  • Access to your Chargebee account to be able to create API keys


  1. Generate an API Key
    1. Sign into your Chargebee account
    2. In the left side navigation, click Settings > Configure Chargebee
    3. Click the API keys and webhooks button
    4. On the API Keys page, click the + Add API Key button. The Create an API Key modal will display
    5. Select Read-Only Key as the API key type
    6. Select All to define the API key’s access. This will grant read-only access to your Chargebee site
    7. In the Name the API key field, enter a name
    8. Click Create Key
    9. image
  2. Email the generated API key to

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