Facebook Ads - Connect to Source Medium

Facebook Ads - Connect to Source Medium

Follow this integration guide to connect your Facebook Ads data to Source Medium.


  • Admin access for Facebook Ads Manager to be able to share permissions to external accounts


  1. Provide partner access to Source Medium
    1. image
    2. Navigate to Business Settings > Partners > and click Give a partner access to your assets to partner invitation settings.
    3. image
    4. If you don’t have any existing partners, you will see this screen:
    5. image
  2. Add Source Medium as a partner to access your Facebook Ads assets
    1. Input Source Medium’s business ID 114197429935472
    2. image
  3. Grant Source Medium Ad Account view access to your Facebook Ads data
    1. Grant the View performance found to the right of your specific Ad Account that you would like to be connected to Source Medium
    2. image
  4. Confirm successful addition of Source Medium as a Partner in your Facebook Ads account
    1. Once successfully added, Source Medium will be listed as a Partner on the Ad account under Assigned Assets
    2. image

Please Note: We do not offer other attribution windows besides 7 day click at the moment. After iOS14 non-7 day click attribution window conversions are significantly less trustworthy.