Mailchimp - Connect to Source Medium

Mailchimp - Connect to Source Medium

Follow this integration guide to connect your Mailchimp data to Source Medium.


  • Manager or Admin access for Mailchimp to be able to generate and view API keys


  1. Create a Mailchimp API key
    1. Sign into your Mailchimp account
    2. Click the user menu (bottom left of the page), then click Account
    3. image
    4. On the Account page, click Extras > API Keys
    5. image
    6. On the API Keys page, click the Create API Key button to create an API key
    7. image
    8. In the Label column, click the pencil icon next to the API key you just created
      1. Enter a label for the API key. For example: Source Medium integration
    9. Click Save API Key
  2. Email the generated API key to Source Medium at

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