How to work with the Source Medium Team

How to work with the Source Medium Team 🤝

  • Our CSAs (Customer Solutions Analysts) are experts in helping your team get the most out of our product.
    • We 💙 analytical questions and will help you build neural pathways to finding the answers to your business related queries
    • We are also experts in data cleaning and organization, and can point you to the right direction to fix ‘garbage in, garbage out’ data setups
    • The fastest form of communication is through a shared slack channel where if you post a question a member of our team will respond. Alternatively, the team can be reached at: support@sourcemedium.com
  • Customization requests
    • Please let us know if your team prefers Notion or Google Docs, which will be used to log company specific resources and for future customization scoping
Questions? Reach out on Slack or support@sourcemedium.com