SourceMedium Direct Data Access

Follow this resource guide to learn more about SourceMedium’s Direct Data Access Plan.

In this overview, you’ll be able to explore the high-level features and a sample dataset for our Direct Data Access Plan.

1. Direct Data Access Overview

With Source Medium’s Direct Data Access plan, customers are able to access our transformed datasets directly through either a customer owned data warehouse or through SourceMedium’s managed data warehouse in BigQuery. The datasets consist of a pre-determined set of tables that can be utilized for direct querying and analysis, joining of proprietary customer-owned data sets, and visualization within a business intelligence tool of choice and/or through our free Looker Studio templates.

For an additional set of overview slides on the offering, please visit this link.

2. Available Data Tables

The core Direct Data Access Plan will have the following available tables. Additional tables (intermediate and raw tables) can be made available within our Enterprise Plan.

  • Executive_summary
  • Marketing_summary
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Order_line_items
  • Subscription_summary

Here is the link for a demo dataset that displays the represented tables and available metrics. Note, in order to obtain access to this demo data-set please reach out to your SourceMedium sales representative.

3. What else is included in my Direct Data Access Plan

  • Access to our Customer Solutions Analysts (CSAs) and Sales Analytics Engineering Leads who are deeply knowledgeable in our product and data schemas, answering questions related to:
    • Availability of specific data
    • Definitions of key metrics
    • Data accuracy
    • Report functionality (if using our pre-built Looker templates)
  • [With the Managed Data Warehouse Plan] Hosted data warehouse on our Google Cloud/BigQuery infrastructure.

4. What is not included in my Direct Data Access Plan

  • SourceMedium will not be able to support visualization-related customizations on BI tools other than our pre-built Looker Studio templates.