Emails - General


Data Sources:

  • Your integrated email marketing platforms (Klaviyo, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Autopilot)
  • This module will not be present unless an email platform is connected

Schema Notes:

  • We ingest the email marketing data based on your largest list / segment
  • Certain definitions, such as Open Rates, may differ in Source Medium vs. your native platform
  • The Open Rate metric may look unusually high on some days-- this is because we count email sends and opens uniquely to the day. So you might send out 100 emails today, but they aren't opened until the following day, which would make that day's open rate very high. One way to get a more consolidated view of this metric is to row up the date granularity (to week or month level).
  • More on definitions


  • Segment customers based on frequency of emails received
  • What are the largest source(s) of email signups?
  • How are email receives and order counts related? 👇

Understand how your top of funnel efforts are generating email list signups that will be important for low-cost retargeting and re-marketing efforts

More detailed data source and metric documentation

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