Orders Deep Dive


Data Sources:

  • Your commerce store(s) and subscription platform

Filter Notes:

  • Acquisition: filter orders based on how they were acquired
  • Product & Promo: filter orders based on products, tags, and discount codes
  • Technology & Financial: filter orders based on device and payment dimensions
  • Order Meta: filter orders based on sequence, type, and latency

Schema Notes:

  • Orders are surfaced here if their process date is within the dates selected in the date range filter (along with order-related meta-data such as revenue, taxes, refunds, and discounts)
  • Data is segmented by Channel and is defaulted to Online DTC. Natively break out Draft, Exchanged, and Wholesale orders
  • Financial_status defaulted to orders that are partially_refunded and paid


  • What’s the order split between first and repeat orders? Subscription and non-subscription orders?
  • What is the product / discount code / tag breakdown of these orders?
  • What is the order index and latency distribution? 👇

More detailed data source and metric documentation

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