Repurchase Analysis


Data Sources:

  • A specially formatted table pulling from your online store data (Shopify, Amazon, Stripe, Chargebee) as well as the Configuration Sheet

Schema Notes:

  • Channel is defaulted to Online DTC
  • This dashboard is entirely based on order_date as opposed to cohort_date, except in the case of the filters (which are still applied to acquisition orders).
  • This means that new and repeat customers are unique to the date aggregation selected (week, month, etc.)
    • Meaning if you’re looking on a weekly granularity, a customer can appear as a single repeat customer in one week, and can also show up as a single repeat customer in the next week (assuming they made a purchase), but a customer will never be counted twice within a given week’s totals


  • How many unique purchasers have repurchased within a given month (repurchase rate)?
  • What share of my overall sales performance is being driven by new vs. repeat customers? What does this trend look like over time?
  • How do Source / Mediums compare in terms of monthly repurchase rate? 👇

More detailed data source and metric documentation

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