Amazon Ads - Connect to Source Medium

Amazon Ads - Connect to Source Medium

Follow this integration guide to connect your Amazon Ads data to Source Medium dashboards.



  1. Provide access to Amazon Ads to Source Medium
    1. From the Amazon Ads user permissions page, navigate to Advertising permissions
    2. Add as a new user and set the permissions seen in the screenshot below. This will send an email inviting Source Medium to connect your data
    3. image
  2. Cross-check your Amazon Seller Central permissions in case Source Medium cannot retrieve your Amazon Ads data
    1. If you see issues with Source Medium displaying an advertiser profile you think is attached to a specific account, check your Seller Central account Campaign Manager permissions in addition to the Advertising console. Selecting the permissions within the Advertising console will automatically set them in Seller Central
    2. Sometimes, permissions do not sync between Amazon Ads and Seller Central. Often, it’s because someone accidentally removes this permission. Check Seller Central permissions to make sure the Campaign Manager permissions are set as you see here:
    3. image

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