Can our data be updated in real-time in Source Medium?

Real-time Data Updates in Source Medium

TL;DR: Not at this time due to platform API restrictions and data accuracy concerns.Data in SM is currently fresh up until yesterday -- we ingest new data every 6 hours, but only surface data from yesterday since today’s is incomplete. At this time we do not support real-time updates since this would require us pulling from each platform either via live connection (not even offered by most platforms), or pinging the platforms' APIs every minute or so (also not possible with most platforms due to API rate limits).

We do have the ability surface today's data, however, due to how each metric is pulled from the respective platforms, today's data often looks incredibly wonky and can lead to confusion. For example, spend isn’t necessarily going to come in on a rolling basis — so you could have: all spend in, no orders, very low ROAS, very high CPA (or the opposite, too, potentially).

Alternatively, the Traffic Deep dive page of your report -- which is fed purely by GA data -- is updated via live connection. You could use those numbers to gauge progress throughout the day (traffic and EE revenue etc.) while waiting for concrete numbers to stabilize from your marketing and sales platforms.