ReCharge - Connect to Source Medium

ReCharge - Connect to Source Medium

Follow this integration guide to connect your ReCharge data to Source Medium.


  • Access to your Shopify storefront and ReCharge app to be able to copy and share your ReCharge API keys


  1. Access your ReCharge account through your Shopify storefront
    1. Log into your Shopify account, select Apps, and then click on your ReCharge app
    2. image
    3. Once in the ReCharge app, navigate to Integrations in the top navigation bar and click on API tokens on the right-hand corner of the dashboard
    4. image
  2. Create and save an API token
    1. Navigate to the create an API token page
    2. In the Details section, enter Source Medium as the Nickname and as the Contact email
    3. In the Permission section, select the following permissions for Read Access:
    4. image
    5. When all permissions are selected, click Create an API token to obtain your API key
    6. image
  3. Provide Source Medium with your token Name and API key on your onboarding form or email the information to

Additional information

Common troubleshooting steps in case your API key does not correctly load

  • If the "API tokens..." link is not present
    • The API tokens must be enabled manually by ReCharge. Learn how to enable the keys in ReCharge’s documentation
  • If you've reached ReCharge’s hard limit on the number of API tokens
    • Share one of your existing API keys with similar permission scopes
  • Check here for additional reasons why your ReCharge data might not match Source Medium reports

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