How can I compare subscription vs. non-subscription LTV?

Question: Where is the easiest place for me to find the current LTV of subscribers and non subscribers?


The easiest place to find current LTV (also known as LTV Overall) for subscribers and non-subscribers is on the Lifetime Value (LTV) dashboard.

  1. Set the order_type filter to Subscription, then scroll down to the Cohort Performance - Overall chart
    1. Make sure one filter_value is selected, otherwise calculations will be inaccurate due to the inability to multi-filter LTV
    2. image
  2. Change the order_type filter to Non-subscription , scroll back down to the same chart
  3. image

Note: another place you can find Subscriber LTV is on the Subscriptions Only dashboard. The main difference here is that while the LTV dashboard filters based on a customer's acquisition order, here it is based on their first subscription order (showing LTV performance for just your subscription program).

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