How can I track subscription performance in SM as a non-ReCharge client?

If you are using a subscription service other than ReCharge, we can still track subscription performance for you on the customer and order-level using tags. You can use a tool like Shopify Flow to automate this tagging process in Shopify.

We recommend conforming exactly to ReCharge's logic in terms of customer and order-level tagging. You can refer to the ReCharge documentation here for reference when setting up your tagging scenarios in Shopify.

Once customers and orders are tagged matching ReCharge's criteria, our backend will identify these customers and orders as subscriptions/subscribers, and subscription-based filters on the New Customer Analysis, Customer Last Order Analysis, and Orders Deep Dive pages of your report will become usable. You will also now have insights routed into your Retention/LTV Subscriptions report page, which provides a subscription-only view of retention and LTV, starting with the date customers were acquired into your subscription program.