How do I read the Product Affinity primary/secondary product table, and the first/second order table?

Product Affinity (primary & secondary products) -- this table is showing you the most common pairing of items that were purchased together within the same order.


If a customer orders SKU-A and SKU-B in order #1, and SKU-C and SKU-D in order #2, their affinity would look as follows:

Product Affinity for order # 1: (2 rows in product affinity table)

  • primary: SKU-A, secondary: SKU-B
  • primary: SKU-B, secondary: SKU-A

Product Affinity for order # 2: (2 rows in product affinity table)

  • primary: SKU-C, secondary: SKU-D
  • primary: SKU-D, secondary: SKU-C

1st to 2nd Order (first order product, second order product) -- this table is showing you what products people most commonly purchase on their second order, given they purchased X on their first order.


If a customer orders SKU-A and SKU-B in order #1, and SKU-C and SKU-D in order #2, their affinity for 1st to 2nd order would look as follows:

1st -> 2nd Order Affinity: (4 rows in 1st -> 2nd table)

  • first: SKU-A, second: SKU-C
  • first: SKU-A, second: SKU-D
  • first: SKU-B, second: SKU-C
  • first: SKU-B, second: SKU-D