How does the retention - LTV track customers acquired through a sub-channel?


Customers purchase SKU A on their first order and SKU B on their second order, will the LTV calculation take into account of both purchases? (client has sub-channel set up based on SKUs in the Configuration Sheet)


  • The LTV calculation will pick up all revenues from the customers, regardless of what they purchase subsequently.
  • In the "Retention" or the "Lifetime Value" report, use the sub_channel filter to scope the report to all customers who made their acquisition order using criteria that met the sub_channel's value, i.e. the SKU. Any order behavior after their acquisition won't affect how they're grouped, but that revenue will still be attributed accordingly.
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    2. For example, anyone who first acquisition order containing SKU "ABC" would always fall under that sub_channel of "ABC-Product Title" on the "Retention" and the "Retention - Lifetime Value" dashboards, regardless of what they purchased in their 2nd/3rd/etc. orders.
    3. If an acquisition containing multiple SKUs, then the rule in the last row of the CSD's "Channel Mapping" tab wins. For example, the very last row in the "Channel Mapping" tab, we attribute SKU-B to a sub-channel, "B" and the row above it, we attribute SKU-A to another sub_channel, "A". if an order contains both SKU-A and SKU-B, this order will be attributed to sub-channel "B".