What product developments are on the roadmap?

Response on 3.30.22 Regarding Upcoming Roadmap and Use of Source Medium

  • Our datalayer is quite deep and we have the ability to help you guys answer deeper analytical questions. What's exposed in the dashboard right now is perhaps only 30% of what we can help uncover about your business. With that being said, we put alot of thought into our current setup and most of our customers are happy with our default setup. As your business grows, we can help you uncover additional pieces of the datalayer.
  • The best way maximize the value you get out of the product will be to come to us with analytical/business questions you'd like to answer with our product. That's ultimately the #1 thing we focus on with all of our customers.

As for product updates, admittedly we need to do a MUCH better job at product marketing. We'll be making improvements in this area throughout the rest of the year. See below for a rough idea of what we're planning on launching this year:


  • YoY Performance dashboard for you, which is a great way of see your performance on a year-over-year basis.
  • Product Affinity dashboard. You'll be able to answer the question of "what are the most commonly purchased products together?" and "what are the most commonly purchased products together from 1st to 2nd purchase?"

Releases planning for Q2/Q3

  • [Q2] Deeper Klaviyo integration by bringing in last click data (UTM) for lead capturing, enabling insights around lead cap -> acquisition order attribution and lead cap to 1st order lag time.
  • [Q2] LTV/CPA dashboard -- you can already begin to see the LTV to date /CPA visualization at the bottom of the YoY dashboard. We'll be releasing a separate dashboard that goes into 30/60/90 days LTV/CPA to help you better understand your payback period.
  • [Q2] We're finally working with ReCharge closely on aligning our numbers and definitions. Not 100% sure if it'll resolve the migration data issue we've uncovered with Amir a while back, but we're hoping it could have a positive impact. We're also planning on creating deeper subscription data analysis, such as adding churn reasons into our datalayer.
  • [Q3] Beta version of our audience sync'ing functionality. This will allow you to leverage our integrated customer model to build complex segments and sync them back into klaviyo, facebook audience, google audience, etc.

In the meantime, I'd encourage you to engage with us and see how we might help you answer some complex business questions. I'd pay especially close attention to the Customer and Order deep dives, which I think are our most powerful dashboard