Skio - What do we need to do to keep data flowing & accurate after migrating to Skio?

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To resolve: There is very little extra work needed on your end to ensure accurate post-migration Skio data within Source Medium.

The Skio onboarding team will work with you throughout the migration to Skio. As far as data within Source Medium, we are actually working directly with the Skio team (so will be extremely accurate vs ReCharge) to build out a native integration that we'll be launching in the near future -- we'll keep you posted with progress around this, and will share integration instructions as soon as we're able. For the time being, as long as the migration was successful and all historic / incoming subscribers and subscription orders are being tagged under the Skio standard convention, you'll be able to run all normal subscriber analyses within the Customers / Orders / Product Deep Dives, as well as subscriber Retention / LTV analysis. Let us know if you have any questions, and definitely keep us in the loop when you decide to make the switch!

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