Source Medium First 3 Months Data Checklists


  • Sent 21 days into contract

  • Sent [60] days into contract
  • Sent [89] days into contract as they enter into the Annual Contract?

Full Checklist

Data Infrastructure

Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce Setup
  • Instructions for EEE
  • Product tracking (conversions per product, e.g Clevr)
Proper tracking of UTMs
  • UTM tracking template
  • Direct/none traffic (cross-domain tracking)
Post Purchase survey setup (zero party data)
Subscription tagging
Customer and order tagging (e.g. OHI orders)
$0 orders
Channel Mapping
Data Audit (Level 3)

Dashboard Adoption

All marketing integrations
Custom revenue and costs
Influencers and sponsorship tracking
Target setting
Executive summary customization
  • Template Gallery


COGs input into Shopify / Access Sheet
Saved analysis / queries
  • Can we add something on access sheet that saves certain queries?