Subscriptions Only


Data Sources:

  • A specially formatted table pulling from your online store data (Shopify, Amazon, Stripe, Chargebee), your subscription platform, as well as the Configuration Sheet

Schema Notes:

  • Channel is defaulted to Online DTC
  • Defaulted to Net Revenue
  • Cohorts based on order_process date when the order is at least partially paid
  • If we do not have a direct integration with a subscription platform, we rely on tags to determine subscription vs. non-subscription order type
  • Rather than aggregating cohorts by the customers' acquisition month, the Subscriptions Only page aggregates cohorts based on the month of each customer's first subscription order (e.g customers may be first time or returning purchasers). All subsequent orders are also automatically filtered to subscription orders only.
  • Tip: if you’re looking for customers who’s first order is subscription and then subsequent orders are either one-time or subscription, the order_type = subscription filter on the Lifetime (LTV) module can be used


  • How does my LTV compare for customers who purchase on subscription only vs. one-time orders?👇
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