Where can I look at customer purchasing frequency/latency behavior? (How fast are customers consuming our product?)

Orders - Deep Dive

Set the Date filter to the desired interval. (We recommend looking at at least a few months worth of data to get the best picture of purchasing behavior)

Look at the Order Distribution by Latency (days) chart.

You can use filters here to tailor this chart more towards your use case. Some examples could be

  • order_type to look at most common subscription intervals (order_type = subscription), or look at emergent behavior in your non-subscribers (order_type = non_subscription)
  • product_titles/skus to look at purchasing frequency for specific products -- e.g. how fast are people consuming our 6-packs vs. our 12 packs.

Customers - Last Order Analysis

  • There is also a great chart for this under the RFM section of your "Customers - Last Order Analysis" page -- chart title Customers by Purchase Recency & Order Count.
  • This chart is showing you customer count by time between the customer's most recent order and their current order (x axis), broken down by the customer's order count.
  • Again, you can add in the use of filters here to make the chart more informative.  For example:
    • using the customer_type or orders_count filters to segment into repeat/more seasoned customers
    • using the Last Order Product filter to look at the purchase recency of customers buying a specific product (getting at product-specific frequency of consumption).
    • using the 1st/last_order_type and subscriber_type filters to look at current and churned subscriber behavior to see what behavior might have resulted in the paused/cancelled subscription -- alternatively, could look at non-subscription only to see what patterns are emerging there.