Why do I have so many (none)/(none) source/medium values?


Having source/medium values of (none)/(none) means that there is no source/medium data being reported. Possible/most common reasons for this are:


  • Links not being tagged in your ad platforms with proper UTMs. We recommend that your team audit all the links on your paid channels and from your influencers
  • GA setup mis-configuration (work with someone on your team or possibly a contractor). This can be fixed through cross-domain tracking https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/gtagjs/cross-domain
    • This is common for sites with Headless setups or with non-native checkout solutions (e.g. if a new window is created for a subscription checkout)
  • Referred domain from other sites that don’t have UTM tag in the URL (potentially Batch QRR, for example). You can debug this in GA by looking at/filtering for source/medium of none/none and see what referral domains are doing this (see screenshot)

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