Analytical Questions

Looking for inspiration? Below are some of our most commonly asked analytical questions!

Let us know what insights you would like to unlock.

neural pathways + data building blocks = actionable insights 🧠


  • How has the ratio of new to repeat customers changed on a weekly basis so far this year?
  • Are we profitable on our overall marketing spend?

Marketing & Acquisition

  • Which platform and campaign type has the highest ROAS?
  • Which source/medium is leading to the most conversions?
  • Am I acquiring new subscribers with my lowest cost channels (email vs. paid social)?

Retention & LTV

  • Which discount code was responsible for acquiring our highest retention cohort?
  • Which initial products were ordered by customers in the highest LTV cohort?

Customer Analysis

  • Which products are most common with new customers?
  • At what interval are non-subscribers making orders?
  • How much more valuable are my subscription customers than non-subscription customers?

Orders & Products

  • What initial products lead to strong repeat purchasing behavior?
  • Which source / mediums are driving repeat purchases?
  • What is our most common cart composition?
  • What percentage of our orders are first time vs. repeat?


  • What is the typical subscriber journey?
  • How much of my total revenue is driven by subscriptions?
  • How much of our current revenue is driven by historical subscriber cohorts?