Google Ads - Connect to Source Medium

Google Ads - Connect to Source Medium

Follow this integration guide to connect your Google Ads data to Source Medium.



  1. Create or ensure that the Google Ads account is part of a MCC manager account. Skip to Step 2 if your account is already under a MCC account
    1. If you don’t have an existing MCC account, create one using these instructions and then link it to your Ads account by following these steps
  2. Share your Account ID with Source Medium
    1. Navigate to find your Account ID on the upper right hand corner of your account share your Account ID credentials with Source Medium by emailing
    2. The account number is formatted ###-###-####.

  3. Accept the Account linking request from Source Medium
    1. Source Medium will send a manager account linking request
    2. Users with access to the Google Ads account will receive an account alert and email inviting them to link to your account to Source Medium
    3. Users with administrative access to the account, or access to a linked manager account that has administrative ownership of that account, can accept the invitation by going to the Account access section of the Google Ads account