Stripe - Connect to Source Medium

Stripe - Connect to Source Medium

Follow this integration guide to connect your Stripe data to Source Medium.


  • Administrator or Developer access for Stripe to be able to create API keys


  1. Generate a Restrictive API Token
    1. See Restrictive API token documentation on the Stripe website for further instructions
  2. Navigate to Developers > API keys to create a restricted API key
  3. image
  4. Click + Create restricted key
  5. image
  6. Name the token Source Medium Integrations and grant Read access to the following resources and click Create key
    1. image
    2. All core resources
    3. All Billing resources
    4. All Orders resources
    5. All Reporting resources
    6. All webhook resources
    7. image
  7. Share the generated API key with
  8. Grant Source Medium read-only access for data validation & debugging
    1. Visit the Team page under Settings
    2. image

b. Click New member


c. Invite as a View only user

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